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Nantong Tuoxin Conveyor Equipment  Co.,Ltd. is specialized in developing and manufacturing a variety of plastic chains, modular plastic belts,conveyor and conveyer accessories. Through the ongoing R&D, the company is leading the industry with various products and large production capacity. Tuoxin’s products have been widely used in food processing of meat, frozen food, sea food, bakery and diary products. The plastic conveyor belt and chain also play …
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Customers from Russia visit Tuoxin and 2015-5-29
Customers from Egypt visit Tuoxin 2015-4-23
Customers from Indonesia visit Tuoxin 2014-12-3
Clients from America visit Tuoxin 2014-7-18
Clients from Spain visit Tuoxin 2014-4-24
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Flusg Grid Friction Top 1100
Flush Grid 1500
Flat Top 100
Flush Grid M5033
Standard Radius 879TAB Series
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