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Cardboard Processing
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    Corrugated Cardboard manufacturers focus much attention on production safety and product quality. It has become critical to decrease the rate of product damage and increase productivity in order to meet the demand of the market.

    Tuoxin provides a technical solution that can efficiently improves the safety and productivity for corrugated cardboard. One of the advantages of the solution is that it allows frequent changes in the stack layout and stack size without requiring additional operators to support unstable stacks. Plastic modular belts provide a smooth and even platform for the efficient movement for of the stacks that are five times higher than the width of the cardboard. This has greater advantages over roller conveyor which the stacking height is three times the width.

1.Improve safety for the operators in the working area.
2.Increase the productivity of the corrugators, especially reduce stoppages due to format change of stack instability.
3.Eliminate product waste caused by “elephant’s foot” effect and curving or marking cause by interference from the roller.
4.Reduce the cost of transferring due to the stability of stacks.
5.Reduce maintenance operations.

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