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Seafood and Meat Processing
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   In seafood and meat processing industry, hygiene is an important factor in the production process. Better cleaning of belts and production lines promote food safety prolongs shelf life of fresh products and improves the quality of frozen food.  

    Plastic modular belts are easily for cleaning and can meet the hygiene requirement of most critical production places. It reduces residue accumulation and makes it easily for cleaning the rods and hinges. The FDA-approved material provides high chemical resistance against most aggressive cleaning agents, cut, abrasions and impact.

    Tuoxin designed Nub Top belts for specific industry such as microwave bacon conveyor lines to prevent the product from being stuck to the surface of the belt. It significantly improves the rate of finished products.
    Tuoxin has a wide range of products which can meet the production demand as raw material handling and finished products. It can be applied in incline and decline conveyors, straight and curving lines as well as packaging industry.


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