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Dairy and Beverage
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    Plastic modular belts and tabletop chains play a critical part in the application of packaging, bottling and filling industry. Various solutions are provided during different stages of production in filling, sterilization and packaging.
    Tuoxin provides a wide range of plastic modular belts and tabletop chains for dairy and beverage industry. They not only transport many kinds of filled bottles, cans (glass, aluminum, steel, PET) and Tetra Pak boxes, but also efficiently reduce product/box damage and unplanned stoppages.

    Tuoxin’s products are of high quality and transferring performances, which can ensure more flexibility, higher productivity, less maintenance and more value.
    From single line to mass handling applications, Tuoxin’s various products can be applied in various industries. These products have the advantages of low friction, low noise and long-distance transferring. FreeFlow Belts can be applied in smooth transferring without using transfer plates. It solves the stack problem of containers and allows the direct change of products in assembly line.

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